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9/12 College Football weekend

Posted on: September 14, 2009 11:55 am
This is my first blog that I have started, not quite sure if I'm doing it right but I thougt I would give some of my observations on this last weekend in college football mostly pertaining to the Big Ten Teams and how they did.

Ohio State wasn't suppose to win. Their defense was great until that last drive it was an exciting game. Nobody thought that Michigan was going to be this good with a freshmen Quarterback, and frankly they look to be a contender in the Big Ten this year have both Penn St. and Ohio State at home. Pryor needs to improve drastically if tOSU wants to win the Big Ten. I think that it is Penn St. to lose at this point. I've said all preseason long that ND hasn't shown me anything in the last couple years that makes me think they will be that good this season. Like always they have a tought schedule that is often over looked. I think the biggest choke job was by MSU (sad to say) Yes CMU is good but not good enough to beat MSU at MSU. The secondary look terrible, and they didn't make any adjustments to fix it at the half, laid off on coverage all day long and got picked apart by a top 5 Quarterback in the country. It may also have had a little to do with MSU looking ahead to the ND game but that is no excuse because when the game was close late you would think that the team would have refocused and put it away. The onside kick at the end of the game was probably the best onside kick ever in the history of football (if you don't believe me just watch it for yourself.)

Give props to Michigan for a great game and return to an above average college team (bright future). Barkely will be a stud, Heismen in his future? Pryor over rated of course, needs to work on his game harder. MSU back to the drawing board and hope they show up next week so the game doesn't get out of hand but I don't know how they will stop Golden Tate or Michael Floyd.

I think Florida and USC will be in the national championship game because Texas hasn't been all that impressive so far, should make for an interesting season we will have to see how the games play out. Looking forward for more exciting weekends a bunch of great games last weekend.

The Big Ten struggled this weekend to hold leads in games most teams inked out wins but not impressively. Big Ten needs to step it up or they will continue to be a joke. In the lose I think tOSU gaine some respect. Michigan jump in the college ladder, PSU looked impressive Royster best RB in the Nation (personal opinion). Beyond that MSU looks to dissapoint, and the rest of the Big Ten just OK.
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